Additional support is occasionally needed in the back, neck, wrists, and elbows. We carry various sizes and can fit you with the proper durable medical supply product.


This is an excellent long lasting topical pain reliever. It is used for sore muscles and joints. It is available in roll-on and tube forms. Use the samples provided and tell us how it felt.


Spinal alignment is maintained and adjustments hold more effectively through proper low back and neck support. There are different sizes available depending upon your height and weight. Let us show what is available.

Exercise Balls and Chairs:

Spinal coordination and strength are improved dramatically through proprioceptive training. This “balance” training method cuts exercise time while simultaneously targeting the core muscles of the body. Three benefits of using exercise balls include: flexibility, coordination and strength.

Ball chairs are also available. Exercise every minute while you are at the office or on the computer at home. Ask to try one of ours while you are in the office. You will be amazed of how comfortable they are.

Footleveler Custom Foot Orthotics:

Leg length imbalances and persistent back pain are often associated with poor foot support and improper foot alignment. Custom made Footlevelers are available in a multitude of styles to fit dress shoes, athletic shoes, work boots and casual shoes. Sandals are also available. Molded in our office and sent to the lab for preparation, these comfortable inserts are available for almost one half the cost of conventional rigid/plastic orthotics.

Hot/Cold Packs:

We have used the combination hot/cold packs for the past fifteen years. They are large enough for low back applications. They can be microwaved for heat or frozen for cold. Usage instructions are plainly written on the pack for ease of application.