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Treatments work to get you fully recovered from injuries sustained in the “weekend warrior” activities, exercise/sports injuries, worker injuries, motor vehicle accidents

and the grind of everyday life.

Treatment at our office offers gentle hands-on spinal and joint manipulation, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, KT taping, therapeutic exercises, posture education and patient self-care methods to optimize the effectiveness of your care.

We give you the tools that put you back in charge of your condition instead of the condition being in charge of you. We work to get you back to functioning as soon as possible and your care is unique to you. There are no cookie cutter treatment plans at our office. 

 Dr. Jim is the sole care provider at Johannes Chiropractic, ensuring continuity and confidence in your treatment.  We will discuss your status during each visit and you will have a direct input into the trajectory of your healing.

Our goals are simple-- we want to get you well and we want to keep you well.

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